May Day Rocks

Who would have thought that my innocent road trip out to NYC for your birthday in 2002 would change our lives forever.  I remember that night like it was yesterday.  Hell I remember everything about that trip.  I remember cursing your name as I sat in traffic on the West Side Highway.  I remember being amazed and scarred shitless as I pulled up to your apartment on Rivington.  I remember wishing I still smoked weed after seeing and holding and smelling the 5 lbs of it left in your fridge by the old tenent.  I remember getting ready and not know what to wear but being so happy I brought my kick ass Italian stockings that I bought for $100 in Milan.  I remember listening to The Velvet Underground over & over while smoking ridiculous amounts of Camel Lights in your tiny 400 sq. ft. apartment.  I remember walking in the East Village and being amazed at how cool everything & everyone was.  I remember drinking martini's at Lemon while Dana was woking and then later heading to Beauty Bar in hopes (mine not yours) of seeing Matt Dillon.  I remember flirting with an Irishman and you getting mad even though we were 'just friends'.  I remember being so excited that bars were open until 4 am and then being so utterly exhausted by then I didn't, couldn't, shouldn't drink by 4am.  I remember walking EVERYWHERE and loving it.  I remember watching you and Dana jaywalk while I patiently waited for the littleman to change.  I remember seeing the handmade sign on Second Ave proclaiming 'I Have Cum!' and giggling like a 12 year old schoolgirl. I remember kissing you.  I remember laying in bed with you and thinking 'What the hell am I doing in Manhattan with Sawyer?'.  But what I most remember is loving you in every aspect of the word.  I remember knowing then and still knowing now that you were meant to be with me.  We were meant to be together.  No matter what.  No matter how hard it would be (it was) and how stressful (it is) we would end up as one.

I love you chef. I am so proud to call you my husband.  Happy fucking birthday!

Keep that in mind as the half naked Patron girls are handing out free tequila at your restaurant.

PS  Happy 5th Birthday Vito, I love you too!!!!!   Thanks for licking my feet every single night of my life.  They are really soft now.

"Vito enjoys a bit a roughage every now and then."