"Kate Speaks For Herself Oprah"

Sure she does Tom. I happen to have had a little downtown today during the kiddies naps. I turned on the TV about to watch my TIVO Office and happen to see Mr. Tom Crazy Ass Zenu Worshiper Cruise on the big O. Needless to say I stopped everything I was doing to watch some good 'ol crazy.

The interview was about uncomfortable & forced as possible. Oprah grilled asked him politely about this & this, however she never went to deep because the rumors that started it all were never addressed. She did decide to ask Tom how Kate (no longer Katie) felt about people calling Suri an alien baby. Tom decided this would be a good moment to tell the world that he does not actual control robot Kate, nor does he answer for her because...."She can talk for herself."

What?????? Kate Holmes can speak for herself? Surely this was a huge joke that good ol' crazy Cruise was playing. Lord knows that the girl hasn't spoken about anything besides her admiration & love Stockholm syndrome love for Tom, and her 2 year old daughter's womanhood in about three years.

Kate Holmes is a robot & it's pretty much been confirmed in this clip from Oprizzle:

For real though, how many f'ng times do you have to tell your man you love him when you leave the house???? Lord knows I grab the chef's feet, start kissing his ankles, and declare my undying love for him over & over & over.  But that's just me.