French Bliss

After reading Cleveland's a Plum's post about this nifty boutique called The Blissful, I knew I had to go. The only problem was the fact that it is at least an hour away from Cleveland. At least.

After weeks of looking at The Blissful website I finally convinced the chef to pack up the car and head south. Biggie Smalls cried the entire way. Car ride from hell.But it was damn worth it.

We walked into the store and I immediately knew that the paycheck we just deposited was about to get undeposited.

We found some fantastic mothers day gifts and some super fabulous inspiration for The Greenhouse Tavern. Woo Hoo!

If yo have never been and you live in the Cleveland Akron area GET YOUR ASS IN YOUR CAR & GO! If you live out of Ohio then head on over to The Blissful website. The store owner Abby even has her own blog. Check it out.