No Oprah.

For the past two months I have been getting fed rumours of an Oprah sighting and I have been eatin' them up.  When the chef was asked to do the FLAVORS event two months ago he heard through the grapevine that Miss Winfrey would be gracing us with her presence.  At first I knew it was just a chef rumor.  They happen all the time. But then as time passed I heard that the big O was speaking at the hotel FLAVORS would be held at.  The wheels started turning.  Well... if she's speaking then she'll probably get hungry, and since there's already a fabulous event in her hotel....  Then confirmation of the rumor presented itself.  Oprah's doctor (who she was speaking with) was buying a table at the event!  Yipee.  Miss Winfrey & I were soon to be friends.

Not so much.  I did managed to see a little bit of O's dress and a whole lot of her bodyguards.  Awesome.  I didn't get to see the big O.  I did however have an AWESOME time at the event as well and at chef's after party.

I ate some super delicious food (thank you chef) and I mingled with some restaurant bigwigs.

Our table also WON

the best decorated award!!!!!

(thank you The Blissful for the fabulous wine barrel lazy susan)

Good times.

Except...Duh Duh Duh

My Prius.  My poor pretty hybrid.  When we got her back from the valet we noticed this:

Edison the valet guy fucked my car up.  I can't wait to go through the bureaucratic insurance bullshit that the hotel is going to provide for me.  Fun times ahead.

Photo Credit: Kyle Roth & Widow