The Relationships of Chefs

Since being thrown into the restaurant industry five years ago I have made many observations about the insanity of chefs, the passion of their work & food, and an overall likeability of the majority.  I have always tried to stay away from petty bullshit because the chef & I couldn't be bothered.  We firmly believe the best response is no response. This is not a response.

It's more of a summary of the nature of chefs in the town I now live in, Cleveland.

We moved back in May and the chef has done fairly well for himself.  He is a partner at a well known restaurant, he's in the papers, he hangs out with famous dudes, and the man can cook like no one has ever seen in this town.  I have been to many events and hung out with many chefs in the industry.  Cleveland chefs are pretty laid back, and don't seem to get swept into any kind of competitive battle.  The chef is probably the friendliest chef on the planet ( he did get that award) so it's hard for anyone not to like him.

Until now.

Recently I have noticed in the Cleveland blog world that there is a commenter who posts negative remarks about my husband and his restaurant.  At first they were little jabs.  Now they are full on attacks.  Using my expertise blog knowledge (haha) I found out that the guy was a chef.  I told my chef and of course he didn't give a damn.

{What has alway amazed me about the chef is the fact that he couldn't care less if someone yanks a recipe, steals an idea, or talks shit.  He knows that he will always come up with a new recipe, a better idea, etc.  It's a fantastic philosphy but very hard to live (at least for me).  I was born competetive and fiercly loyal and those are two traits that are hard to push to the sidelines.}

Anyways back to the negative nelly.  I am writing not because I give damn about what this guy is blabbin' about.  I truly don't.  I know that the chef will still cook amazing food and get the press he deserves.  I know he will still hang out with famous dudes and open kick ass environmentally friendly restaurants.

What I do care about is the city of Cleveland.

I live here now and I must embrace it as much as possible (although I still believe the RTA is ghetto).  The thing that constantly fucks Cleveland over is the lack of unity in the communities.  In the restaurant community there should be a solidarity amognst the chefs.  If one chef gets a TV show we should support him.  If another is on the cover of a magazine for his super yummy sandwiches we should congratulate him.  If chefs from our city are nominated for something they should all be promoted, not just a select few.  The majority of chefs do this however the few who don't should know that the more press or attention one chef gets the more press our city gets.  The mopre press our city gets, the more people want to eat in our restaurants.  The more people eat in our restaurants, the more money our city & restaurant peeps take home.  Economy is boosted and  Cleveland ends up rocking all over again.

The End.

Plus commenting negatively on blogs just makes you look like a green ignoramus.