Widow's Favorite Things

In the spirit of Oprah here are a few of my favorite thigs right now:

  1. King's Road Collection Dinnerware Set, we decided to sell all of our mismatched plates at the garage sale. My mission has been to find a cool dinnerware set and I think I may have accomplished that. The only thing I'm not sure about is that the set only comes with one size plate.
  2. My brand new Corioliss flat iron from Misikko. This flat iron heats up in like five seconds and my hair has never been straighter. Plus it is so small & thin that it doesn't take up too much counter/cabinet space. I heart my flat iron.
  3. Cole & Son Tema a Variazioni Wallpaper. I think I am going to do my master bath in this. Once I figure out how much it's going to set me back. You know if the name of something is Italian it ain't gonna be cheap. But damn it's pretty.
  4. My new Eiffel Tower wall decal that I put in the chef's bathroom. It's got a Paris theme and the decal really brings the room together. I heart wall decals. I would buy them for every room if it wouldn't make my house look like an Urban Outfitter's catalogue.
  5. Cin Cin Glasses. Great. Green. What more needs to be said.
  6. Cleveland Epicure. A cleverly written newsletter featuring the many fine establishments in the CLE. I recently met the writer, Alan and I must say that I am now more a fan than ever.
  7. If You Say Tomato, I Say Biodegradable Organic Heirloom Tomato Garden, the perfect gift for father's day. Well at least my father. He rocks tomato gardens like no one else.
  8. Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusion I & II, I like II way better but my wedding fantasy has always been the November Rain video. It broke my heart. I fell in love with Axl Rose. And I wanted a wedding dress just like Stephanie Seymore's. Granted I didn't want to die. But I loved that video. I still do. I think I may renew my vows (even though I think it's cheese) in a GNR style fashion. The chef will have to lose his shirt and I'll have to grow really really long legs. But it'll be badass. Only I won't be in a casket at the end. Hopefully.
  9. And of course, this guy. And these fantastically beautiful crazies. And the pitbull. And the pug. Sorry kids, you can't buy them online.

Enjoy your Memorial Day folks. Barbecue the shit out of some stuff. Drink some Schlitz's. Go swimming 1 minute after you eat.