Chunky Thighs & Sunglasses

Everyday I am able to hang out with the two greatest people I have ever known. Lately the fun factor has been supercharged. Catcher is growing both physically and mentally. The boy is like an elephant, he never forgets. His words make him sound like a ten year old. His ability to imagine inspires me. I find myself playing make believe and being transported to a time when I ran through the woods in search of fairies and wood nymphs. We have picnics now in our backyard. With real food and sometimes with pretend food. Either one, my heart and life is full. I can look into his eyes and know completely that I was destined to be his mother. Louisiana confirms this fact even more. With her appetizing smile and chunk legs I can't seem to put her down. She is an amazing little chiquita and I cannot believe that she is this close to crawling. She is an active little monster who is in love with rice cakes. Not that you could blame her. She never stops smiling and her hair is the color of fire. She is lovely.

I must have done something right in my previous life.

My family kicks ass in every way. My kids are beautiful, and smart, insane, and hilarious. The chef makes me laugh and loves me even though I am a maniac. My dogs make me smile constantly, even when they are being mischievous.

I am a blessed woman.