Thom Mcan is the next President

tom mcan I was just at the grocery store when the following went down:

I bring my own bags when I grocery shop and most of them are free canvas bags you get with subscriptions/credit cards. One of the bags happened to be a Thom Mcan bag. Thom Mcan was a shoe company the my father in law worked for that was pretty big in the 80's. The bagger inspected each of my bags and had a comment about all of them.

My (RED)UCE bag: "so you reduce stuff huh?"

Dude. Really?

AMEX bag: "Wow. I wish I could get an American Express card."


Thom Mcan bag: "That Thom Mcan. I saw him on TV last night talking about the Democrats. He's gunna be a really good president, he is. That Thom Mcan."


Do people that live in this country really not know that candidates names? Am I the ignorant one to think that everybody gives a damn about the most important presidential election ever. I felt like I was talking to W.

I feel like drinking.