Chef's Night Out

h Photo Credit: The Ulterior Epicure

The chef got to hob nob with the big gun's last night at The James Beard Chef's Night Out in NYC.  Although I have been bummed as of late that my sorry ass hasn't left Ohio in over a year, I am totally excited that the chef got to attend this event.

He was in NYC filming DI with Mike and after they wrapped they went to the party.  Of course the chef packed nothing but tee shirts not knowing that they would be going to the CNO.  About two minutes before they left he ran up to Columbus Circle and picked up a shirt.  A flannel shirt no less.  Apparently he decided to bring grunge back.

Seriously though, it makes me so so so so happy that he gets to meet so many greats in the culinary industry.  I mean how many people really get to meet the people that inspired their entire career?  Lord knows I haven't.  Nor will I ever considering he's 6 feet under.

I just got off the phone with the chef and have to pick him up from Hopkins at 4.  Now I gotta get my ass in gear and clean the house.  I have a few friends coming over for wine & sushi for my birthday eve.  Yippee!!