Birthday Blow Out From Hell

My birthday started out with this:

And ended with this:

It was fun and fantastic at first.  We had some friends over Saturday night.  We drank Dark & Stormy's and ate sushi & cheese.  CatcherCrazyFace got to play with his girlfiend Bo & his much younger girlfriend Sienna.  At one point the kids all managed to strip down and jump in the froggy pool:

It was priceless.  I was going to head out for a night on the town but I hadn't seen the chef in two days so I decided to stay home and spend some 'quality' time.

We woke up on Sunday, my actual birthday and headed down to the Tremont Tap House for brunch.  We met the parents, the grandpa, my brother's, and Christa (Catcher's favorite babysit/brother's gf).  Brunch was hella good.  I had the Crab Benedict and I even managed to get in two of these:

Super Yum Roasted Garlic and Jalepeno Bloody Mary

My parents bought me this badass camping tent (for our future camping excursions) and an electric lawnmower (my dad is so green:).  Even my brothers (who have no dough) got me a gift card to my most favorite store besides Saks, Borders.  It was a fantastic brunch.  Everyone loved their food and the atmosphere & service of the place was spot on.

And then the darkness began to roll in.

We loaded the kids in the Aztek and pulled out of the lot.  About two seconds later the chef realized we had a flat.  Second one in two days.  On a different tire no less.  I immediately called my dad back.  The chef can cook but man is he the most unhandiest guy in the world.  No offense love.

At this point is was 98 degrees outside.  I was a bit buzzed and the kids were getting pissed.  The chef, my dad, and my gpa searched for the doughnut tire for about ten minutes.  They finally found it under the car and began working.  In the meantime I called AAA just in case.

After about an hour the doughnut was on and AAA rolled up.  The guy checked the doughnut and put some air in it.  He gave us the go ahead so we transferred the kids into Gpa Z's car just in case.  We agreed that they should follow us just in case.

We got on the highway and the doughnut starts to shake uncontrollably.  We call my dad to pull over and the two guys get out to tighten it.  It was 100 degrees.  We decided to take the truck to my dad's business and borrow a car.  This was three hours later.  We finally took the kids home to rest and I went out in search of a pedicure on a Sunday.  Having no luck with treating myself to a birthday pedicure I went to the M and bought some face cream and a dress.  I headed home when I got the dreaded call.

Catcher, my beautiful brilliant baby boy managed to stick a cotton ball or fuzzy as he calls them up his nose.  When I walked in the door the chef had the boy screaming bloody murder as he tried to retrieve the foreign object.  I called my sister in law, the doctor.  She told me the bad news.  He had to be taken to the emergency room so they could use special tools to get it out.  I burst into tears.

It had already been such a loooooong day and now it was about to get longer.  I knew the chef had to work so I was dreading spending  5 hours waiting in an ER with 2 kids under 3.  The chef took one look at me, grabbed Catcher and put him in the car.  He told me that he would take him and if I could find someone to watch Biggie Smalls then I should head up to the ER.  Of course my BFF A to the K said she would do it.   I dropped Biggie off and headed up to the hospital.

When I got there the chef and the boy were heading into the pediatric ER.  We waited about ten minutes and the doc came in.  She told us she had to wrap him up in a blanket so he couldn't move.  It was heart wrenching.  He was wrapped like a mummy and NOT happy about it.  After about 5 minutes of screaming and prodding the doctor finally removed this:

Why yes madame it is a cotton ball!

"Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday dear Chef's Widow, Happy Birthday to me!"

And to top it all of Mike got robbed!