I am so so so so so proud of the chef.  He was chosen to go to the Slow Foods Terra Madre conference in Turin Italy this October.

Greetings and Congratulations! We are very pleased to offer you a spot as part of the cook’s delegation at Terra Madre 2008. We invite you to come as a representative of your restaurant, bakery, company, and most importantly of your local food community to become a part of the larger, international food community at Terra Madre. Terra Madre offers a unique opportunity to spend five days with producers, cooks, educators, and students from 150 countries, attend workshops on your areas of interest and participate in the Salone del Gusto, the world’s largest artisan food marketplace.

So so proud of him.  It makes all of his hard work and time spent away from us worth it when he is honored to participate in such a fantastic event.  Go CHEF!!!

Plus it means that we will be vacationing in Europe prior to Terra Madre.  Anyone know any good nannies?