10,600 Day of My Life

I absolutely love love love hanging out with my son.  I love hanging with Biggie too but it's different.  Hanging out with Catcher & going places is like being born.  Every place, every day he does/says something interesting and smart and new and beautiful. Yesterday the 3 of us headed down to the Cleveland Zoo.  We have a membership and I would have to say we go once a week.  I love it.  Catcher loves it.  I think Biggie even loves it.

When we got to the gorillas, the following conversation took place:

Catcher:  Look mommy he's is just like a person.

Widow:  Why is he like a person Catch?

Catcher:  Because he is sleeping like me.

Catcher:  And he is a sad guy.

Widow:  Why is he a sad guy?

Catcher:  Because his baby (pointing across the way to the other gorilla) won't play with him.

Widow:   Honey I think he might just be hot. (It was 99 degrees)

Catcher:  No mommy he is a sad guy cuz he wants his baby to keep him warm & safe like you keep me warm & safe.

My heart left my chest cavity and melted on the ground.  At that moment it started to downpour so we decided that we should probably dance in the rain to make the gorilla happy.  I could only imagine what the gorilla must have been thinking looking at us silly humans dancing in the hot rain.

The title of this blog is the actual count of days that I have lived.  Pretty cool.