500 Posts Ago

And I was not a blogger.  Today I celebrated my 500th post on this fantastically frenzied blog I call home by heading on down to Coventry, the Park Slope of Cleveland.  I packed up the boy, dropped Biggie Smalls at the grandparents and drove in my 50 mpg car to the Summer Arts Festival.  The last time I hung out with Catcher on a one & one basis was probably back in Park Slope.  When we lived in the stroller mecca of Brooklyn the boy & I headed out on the town regularly.  We went to the park, we walked to the market, we went to the best cheese store ever and ate brie on the corner.  We hung out at The Tea Lounge and read books on our fire escape.  Life was grand.  The fond memories of my son & I in Brooklyn are endless and tonight I added a Cleveland memory to the mix. The fair was wizard (thanks Juno!) and the families were very much like the Brooklyn families I came to know and love.  The exact opposite of families in the burb we currently reside in.  Kids were dancing to street music, eating huge wedges of watermelon and waiting in line for super bad ass balloon animals from the creepy looking clown.  Catcher had a blast.  And so did I.  I absolutely love his every breath.  He might be the IS the coolest person I have ever known.

In honor of my 500th post I am going to give something away.  That's right people a PRIZE GIVEWAY is going to take place here on the CW.

Recently I have been kind of obsessed with my hair and I have been testing out flat irons like straight hair was going out of style.  My most favorite flat iron on the planet today is the Hana Flat Iron.  It is rockin' and boy does it make your hair straight.  Plus it comes in this super rad box and has a rubber mat that you can lay the iron on when it gets to hot.  But my most favorite feature of the Hana is the temperature control.  The instruction booklet comes with a chart based on hair type that directs you to the temperature you should set.  I absolutely love this feature because I hate using flat irons that make your hair split endy and gross.  This one does the opposite.  My hair came out shiny and beautiful.  And I've got the pics to prove it:


AFTER HANA (ignore the crazy eyes)

Amazing right!  Well it's your lucky day.  Leave me comments of your most and or least favorite thing about Chef's Widow, the blog not the woman.  I will pick at random by next Friday the 27th and send you a brand spanking new Hana Tourmaline Flat Iron from Misikko($189 value) case & all!!!  Bonne Chance!  (high school french really did teach me something:)