Schedule Schmedule

Our schedule for the next ten days is straight up insane: Thursday: Rock & Roll Wine Project (Chef & I work till close)

Friday: Stepbro's 21st B-day Festivities

Saturday: D & K's Super Awesome Hippie Wedding at the restaurant

Sunday: Work(till close)

Monday: Free Day

Tuesday: Catcher starts Art School at The Cleveland Museum of Art

Wednesday:  Chef leaves for NYC to film Iron Chef with the Iron Chef

Now here's where it gets sticky...

Thursday: The Best Friends Wedding + Overnighter at this fancy pants hotel with the chef.  Or so I thought.  It seems that Iron Chef is a night shoot and the chef will be taking a flight immediately after the shoot to try & make it back for the wedding.

Friday: The fourth.  Recovery, Rest, & Swimming.  And those fireworks that you throw on the ground.  What are they called?  I just love them.

Saturday: Work (till close)

Sunday:  My big man's 3rd BIRTHDAY!!!!!  Major rager in the Metroparks.


It's gonna be a long one.