Catcher's third birthday is next Sunday and we are having a rager for him in the Metroparks.  We decided to go with theme of orange as he has been obsessed with it since he could identify it.  He prefers orange foods, orange shirts, and even orange juices (carrot included).  The chef is coming up with a menu consisting of orange foods.  His first idea was melons & moonshine.  Yep that's right people. When my husband thinks of a three year old's birthday party moonshine comes to mind.

I have decided to purchase items that are only orange or feature the color orange as the main color.  I found him this really cool Eco backpack and a great tricycle.  The chef wanted to get him this one but I just couldn't bring myself to spend so much dough on something he will only use for a year.  We are also buying cheesy popcorn from the West Side Market and hand it out as party favors.  So fun.