PD Taste Section Leaves A Bad Taste

I think that the Cleveland Plain Dealer forgot that human beings need to eat for survival. For the most part shoes & celebrity gossip do not give our bodies enough nutrients to make it past day three. For some reason, I am sure gas prices will be blamed, the city's newspaper has decided to combine the Style section with the Taste section. To make matters worse they have decided to suck even more than they did before. I have been thinking about this for a long while and I was never going to voice my opinion about it because I felt there was a conflict of interest. But when you review a fucking Dairy Queen I no longer am going to consider you a respectable source. So the glove's are off.

I had never read ANY food section before the chef & I got back together.  He introduced my to this and I was forever hooked.  I even follow on Twitter.  When I came back to Cleveland the chef would buy a PD (cause I would never subscribe to the blatant propaganda and fear mongering) and a New York Times (cause I can't afford to subscribe).  The differences in the two food sections shocked me.

I continued to read Taste section in the PD, well skim it really, and would focus on the Times for the real food stuff.  Articles about people cutting out the middleman & buying pieces of farmsrestaurant reviews about actual restaurants, and the classification of wines (a favortie of the chef) inspire and educated me on a weekly basis.

The PD became less and less relevant every week.  Articles about Bryers ice cream and reviews of Houlihan's continued to turn me off until I completely stopped reading. 

I want to read it I really do. I want to support the local paper but I want the local paper to support me too.

I wish the PD to follow in the spirit of other food sections and keep it simple.  Have a formula and follow it every week.  For example, this could be our weekly food section.  Every week one of the following could appear:

  • Restaurant Review (NON CHAIN), promote ALL areas, there are tons and mom & pop restaurants that are REALLY good throughout Northeast Ohio.
  • Farm focus, as I recall there are some farms in Ohio?
  • Weekly event Calender- There are MORE than enough culinary related events in this city to print a weekly calender.  You just have to look for them.  Or sign up for google alerts.  It does it all for you.
  • Wine & Spirit Focus (real wine & spirits, not a story on Franzia's new shapped box).
  • Recipe from a LOCAL CHEF!!!!!  Not a book that the PD has had on a shelf for the past 20 years.  A chef!!!  A Chef!!!!  Promote your own!  Promote ALL of your own!!  There so many awesome fucking chefs in this city and one of them should be featured each week.

As long as the PD continues to promote chains, print forum rumors as fact, and publish blogger reviews as actual stories, the Taste section will suck.  And I guess I just have to come to terms with that fact. Or start my own goddamn newspaper.

Which I may very well do.