The Freezer that Killed the Fridge

This is my freezer.

It freezes.  It really really really freezes.

It freezes so much that it causes my refrigerator to shut down.

This happens everyday.

And everyday the chef or I have to remove all of the contents of our freezer (yes we really like hot dogs) and chip/& or bash the 3 inch thick ice that has frozen.

It is a lot of fun.  And we go through a lot of food.  We need a new fridge.  However my husband, you know him as the chef, has an appliance issue.  First of all he hates most appliances.  Microwaves especially.  So much that he put our microwave on the curb when we moved to Brooklyn and told me the movers lost it.  They didn't as I found out when I called bitching.

Back to the appliance issue.  Basically he is at a point in his life where he wants one thing (well 2 but we don't talk about that here;).  Great kitchen appliances.

And when I say great, I don't mean the most expensive fridge at Lowe's.  I mean this or something like this.  I agree with him on this.  He works his ass off and deserves appliances that he believes in and would use in his own kitchen.  However our bank account is not yet able to support this kind of habit.

You would think being a chef one would have all kinds of hookup in the kitchen appliance world.  If we only knew someone sponsored by a major European appliance company...