The Sickness

Biggie Smalls & CatcherCrazyFace attempt to play with a balloon while fighting the sickness.

My poor kids.  Both have fevers and poor Lou is so sad.  My heart is breaking (as well as my back as I fell down the CMA steps yesterday).  The chef & I pulled an all nighter.  Biggie won't eat, won't sleep, won't smile.  Damn you influenza!  Damn you!


After a grueling day of no sleep and very loud crying Lou has finally gone to sleep.  It is now 10pm and she had been awake for over 24 hrs.  The docor told us that not only is she cutting 2 more teeth, she also has a superbad ear infection.  I am now drinking a very LARGE glass of red wine (w/ ice...don't tell the chef).