Crack Phone Addict

I jumped on the corporate bandwagon and bought myself an iPhone.  I had been waiting to get a new phone since my contract with the Devil ended last winter.  I just wasn't sure what to get and who to go with.  But that all changed when word of the 3g was released.  My buddy Kyle had the first one and was convinced that I needed the phone so I could live blog, keep the chef's schedule, and have Internet access at ALL times.

I am now a zombie.  I check my email on my phone when my computer is 2' away.  It's hella silly but I freaking love it.  I don't even care that big brother has access to my location at ALL times.  The first time I realized this was when my phone asked me if I wanted to mark down the location of a picture I was taking.  I had no idea wtf that meant so I said yes and soon enough the exact address of my location was displayed.  Scary.  The feds got their eye on all of us now.

But besides the whole invasion of privacy thing the iPhone has really helped me out.  Granted I still have no idea how to blog from it but....the map application can really help a girl out when she's lost in East Cleveland.  It's a tricky place that eastside.