The Reveal: The Chef Takes the Cake

Remember how we were celebrating last week?  Well this is why...

The Chef was honored with the title of Best New Restaurant for this month's Northern Ohio Live.  He also received honors in 5 other categories: Best Pizza, Best Bar, Best Appetizer, Best Chef, Best Late Night Dining.

I am so so so so so so so proud of him. I just went to Borders and bought them out with tears streaming down my face.  Shit I've got tears streaming down my face right now.

He is such an amazing man.  Everything he does, his 15 hour days, his time away from us, it's all worth it when something like this comes out.  He deserves every bit of it.  He works hard, he makes amazing food, he's passionate, and he cares so much about the industry and the chefs in our fantastic culinary scene in the Cleve.  I absolutely adore him.