***UPDATED***Groovy Things To Do in the Cleve

Sat Map of the CLE

Hello Friends!

I have recently gotten a job as a writer (my first paying gig!) at About.com. I am going to be their Go to Gal regarding all things KIDS in the Cleveland area. Since moving back to Cleveland, the kids and I have had to search out for some fantastic and unforgettable things in our city. I want to change that. I want to write about the hidden gems, the awesome art classes at the CMA, the Zoo School, the Beck Center Music classes, etc. I want to make kids and parents really get to know the city of Cleveland!

I would like you guys to send me your ideas, your inspirations, thing you do in this city with your kids! If you are cool with having your pic on About.com send me pictures. The Contact Chef's Widow button on my right is my email. Feel free to comment as well!


I've been PUBLISHED people!!!  Check me out on About.com