Champagne Sabering Takes Over

After the SOS sabering competition experience, I thought the boys were done.  How could I have possible known that the ladies would end up conquering all! Monday night brought out all the foodies for the Terra Madre fundraiser at Lolita.    Cleveland Chefs, Yummy Food, Great Bartenders, and of course, a sabering competition experience.  Looks like we have a new party past time.

Lizzie Symon gave it a go ahead against alongside the Chef.  They tried to get me to jump in on the action but me & big knives don't mix.  At all.  Lizzie went first and aced it:

The Chef followed (hard act to) and came out glourious as well:

The two of them came out with almost perfect bottles and of course I came out with a cut on my index finger.  (Someone thought it would be a good idea to put the cork/glass in my purse to take home as a souveniwer).  That idiot was me.

Liz & Chef's Respective Masterpieces

And then I got this email from reader Heidi, of Life in Recipes fame.  She just wanted to let me know what a bad ass saberer (sp?) looks like: