Dinner Impossible Premiere on The Rock

Mike Symon & friends (including my Chef) find themselves at Alcatraz for this week's Dinner Impossible premiere. Wednesday night @ 10pm is the beginning of the brand new season of Dinner Impossible hosted by Cleveland's own Michael Symon.

When Mike asked my Chef to accompany him on his Impossible journey we had no idea what he would be in for. He was super excited to travel all over the country and be tested at his skill. In three short months Chef Symon, Chef Sawyer, Chef Lowe, Chef Bando, and Chef MacLaren, traveled all over the country attempting the impossible. They went east, west, north, and south. They flew to the undisclosed location the eve before set, then they filmed on location for 15 hours straight and flew back the next morning. Insane. The Chef filmed 5 episodes and I know that they kicked his ass. I can't even imagine how Symon managed to do 20 some episodes in three short months. He is a total maniac (in a good way). Although I am pretty sure he just took a week off for some much needed relaxation (aka Golf) time.

Make sure to tune in or join the Chef & I for this:

In honor of the premiere of DI, the Chef's restaurant is having a bash where he & David Lowe (the other chef from the show) will recreate the menu that the DI boys made while doing time on The Rock.