Movie Magic & Bacon Wrapped Dates

I may have given myself an ulcer yesterday. It really was one of the most nerve wrecking days in my life (besides my wedding and the results of Catcher's kidney diagnosis). The am found the Chef & I at the Idea Center in downtown Cleveland for an On Air interview on NPR. As I sat in the green room with Chef I totally started psyching myself out. It's hard not to. Everything is so dead silent in a radio station and you don't know what questions you are going to be asked...I was a mess (inside my head). The interview went off without a hitch and Dee Perry made us feel so at HOME. Plus her voice is by far the most soothing voice I have ever heard, besides this man.

To hear the interview in it's entirety click HERE.

After NPR I headed home to hang out with Biggie Smalls and CatcherCrazyFace.  We lounged outside, washed my car, and saw the next dog we are going get.  In a few years of course.

How enormous do my ladies look?  I look like this chick. Insane.

I had to go back downtown by 7pm to meet the Chef (who had been in the kitchen since 8am) for the Dinner Impossible Premiere party.  The Chef & David Lowe (the other Sous Chef on DI) recreated the menu that the DI boys served on Alcatraz.  It was DELISH.  The place was packed and everybody was up and arms at every break.  I, of course, got a bit emotional when it all started.  I am total cheese.  Mr. Kyle Roth aka Chef Paparazzo took some ridiculously fantastic photographs and you should totally check them out!  Here's a taste:

By the end of the show my belly was busting out of my denim skirt and I was ready to grab the chef, take him home, and watch the show all over again (amongst other things that we don't talk about here:).  In a perfect world. After I ate the soap I begrudgingly left the Chef and went to my 'rents to get my babies.

This morning I awoke to a naked 3 year old.  After I got him presentable for the outside world I packed up my car and headed downtown again.  This time the Chef & I would be doing an interview (on camera) with a TV station.  We headed to the new place and we were thrust into the interview.  It went OK and of course once I saw it I swore that I would NEVER again go on TV.  And I pretty much stand by that. Or at least until I lose a couple lb's...

It's been a whirlwind and it's been fun and it's been crazy.  It's a stressful and busy life that the Widow family lives but nights like last night shared with such supportive people make all the insanity totally doable.  Much love people.  Much love.