My Life is Bedazzled

Wow you guys...

Yesterday was inspiring.

After writing about my nanny standup I received so many comments and email from all of you offering up fantastic advice, helpful hints, and even referring some people who are local.  Awesome.  You guys rock hardcore.  Like Iggy.

I have since cancelled my reschedule.  I knew all along that I shouldn't have rescheduled but I was just so nervous that I am not going to find anyone.  But after yesterday I have a plan.  I have calls out to JCU and UC and have been trolling (sounds seedy) Sitter City.  A few of you even sent me to real people who I am so excited to get into contact with.  So thank you.  Much needed and much appreciated.

Farm to Plate @ the Cleveland Botanical Gardens

I am also inspired by all of the readers that I meet out and about in Cleveland.  I wasn't going to write about it but it has been happening more frequently and I wanted to give all you fine ladies (and man) out there a shout out!  Last night I attended the Farm to Plate event at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens and was happily stunned when Widow reader Anita came over to the Chef's table and introduced herself.  It was such a cool moment.  It made my night.  You guys inspire me daily!   Molto Grazie!

Not that I got all that out time for some fun!

To thank you for reading and commenting and make my life a little bit cooler I would like to give one of you a gift. The lucky winner shall receive this:

A bottle of C.G Di Arie Sinfandel 2005!!!!

All you have to do is leave me a comment with your absolute favorite food and/or recipe.  Biggie Smalls will pick one lucky commenter randomly this Saturday and I will announce the winner on Labor Day.  Please leave me your email or link with your comment so I can notify you of your mega win;)

Bonne Chance!!  (My French CD's are actually working!!!!)