Chef can Cook, Chef can Sing, Chef can do Anything!

One of the greatest thing about the Cleveland culinary scene is the solidarity amongst the chefs.  That solidarity was evident last night when I and about 50 other people got to witness three local chef's rock themselves silly behind the mike at Rock & Roll Wine Project: Karoke Edition.  That's right friends, I said KARAOKE. First off we had Chef Steve Schimoler rock out The Door's classic Light My Fire:

Following Steve, Chef Rocco Whalen came out for Brooklyn, Biggie Small style.  (Needless to say this was one of my all time favorite performances of the evening).

And last but never least, the man I like to call the Chef (along with myself and the BC crew) ended the night with a booooootiful version of Don't Stop Believing.  And we didn't stop believing.  All night long.

Head on over HERE to view more of the awesome insanity of Chef Karaoke!  Muchos Muchos Gracias Genna & Chris for the being the most badass MC's ever.