Chef Crush x's 3


Let the fighting begin!  Thanks Radiohead.

The Chef & I have had a rough month of August.  It all began with a ridiculously awful fight (that was completely the Chef's fault) at Radiohead and seemed to spiral out of control from there.  Let's just say that the Chef was a Creep.  Insert groan here.  

We have had tough times before especially pre-Catcher and a little after Catcher's birth.  It was a bit hard to go from NYC Chef & NYC Nightclubbing Chick to Mommy & Daddy.  But we did it and it worked immensely well for us.  The Chef opened my eyes to what a great parent was even before our babies were born.  And from there we morphed into the family that we as cherish everyday.  Plus we  I stopped staying out till 7am and that really helped too.

From that point we have gone through some shit.  We got taken for a grand on our honeymoon (Thanks Newark-I fucking hate you).  Our apartment in Brooklyn caught on fire while the boy and I were at home.  Our renter's trashed our house in the CLE.  We have moved three times in the past years.  We have gone from ZERO debt to $12,000 debt in one year.  And so on and so on...

But that shit doesn't matter.  We will always have hard times.  There will always be fights.  I will drink too much vodka and say something stoopid.  He will drink too much Bourbon and I will hate dislike him for 24 hours.  He'll giveaway appliances and I'll buy new ones.  We will most definitely have parenting issues.  We will battle the role that toy guns have in our household.  I will always yell at him while driving and he will never pay attention to the road for more than two seconds at a time.  He will ALWAYS have a fucked up schedule.  I will always get pissed about said schedule.  But....duh duh duh...he will always be the man I love and the man I chose to spend the rest of my life with.  He is the man that my kids call dad and I melt a little each time I hear it.  No matter how strssed out he is I will still love him (even though I may want to seriously cut off his hand).

Marriage is hard.  And this month of marriage was a test for us.  It's only going to get harder from here on out.  He is only going to get busier.  I too am getting busier with the kiddies, school, and my writing.  But no matter how busy we must talk to each other or some shit will go down like last month.  And that's was no good.  

This what relaxation looks like.  Take a long look cause that's our ration for 2008.


As you may be able to tell I am kind of crushing on the Chef today.  We had our two year anniversary (church wedding that is)last Tuesday  and I super surprised the Chef.  I arrange his days to get get switched around and then I secretely planned an overnighter at a local spa (that I wasn't that impressed with).  I went to the restaurant on Saturday eve and his crew shoved him out the door and told him that the night was covered.  I was kind of worried that he would lose his shit seeing as he NEVER takes Saturday off but I think he was stoked.  He had no idea where we were going and kept guessing Cedar Point.  When we got to the spa I think he was happily surprised especially when he heard about the massages and the manicure and the super private grotto.  We did our treatments, ate some foods, drank some wines, and decided to go see The Dark Knight.  Both of us had wanted to see the film, especially because of Heath, however we just never had the time.

The Dark Knight was ok.  Kind of long.  But that Heath Ledger.  Oh man Oh man.  He could act.  His poor baby girl.  I see a posthumous Oscar in his the future.  He was insanely phenomenal.  

My iPhone addiction is quite out of control.  The Chef wanted to kill my ass as I was trying to get the perfect shot of The Joker.  Which I think I did.

After the movie we went back to the hotel ready to drink some really fantastic Champagne and take a giant bubble bath.  We did the bath.  And then we crashed.  Next thing I knew it was 7am.  Because that's what happens when Chef's go on an overnighter.  They fall asleep by 11.  And that's ok because they need the rest.  Especially mine.  

We had a great and very much needed night.  We were able to put all our bullshit on the table and work it out.   It was amazing and fun and healing and I absolutely love that about us.  No matter how thick the sludge gets we still manage to put aside our issues and talk.  Sounds corny but it works and it makes me feel like I am in a brand spankin' new relationship.

In some very cool Chef Crushin' news, my Chef won a contest (that I entered him in).  The girls over at Chef Crush had a contest to find the two most adorable Chefs in the USA.  And that handsomely adorable chef of mine WON!  All you Chef's out there who read this blog and know him MUST tease him incessantly about how ADORABLE he is!  Seriously though, the girls at Chef Crush are pretty cool and if you know of any handsome fellas or chicka's who get their cooking on you should nominate them.  Good exposure for the Chef's and totally fun for the rest of us!

Happy Monday Bitches.