I Can Have Oodles of Charm When I Want To

I watched The Jane Austen Book Club a few days ago and I must admit that I liked it.  It is a super duper CHICKFLICK which is why I found myself snuggling up with Potato & Vito and not the Chef.  Not that he doesn't catch the chick flick every now and then but these days his time is hella limited and chick flicks are not the priority film genre for him.

The premise of the film was a group of ladies + 1 hot dude reread all the Jane Austen novels and each person was in charge of one book discussion.  Then at the meetings they would parlay them into what was going on with each character.  Although predictible it was a good Friday night watch and it gave me the ABSOLUTE BEST IDEA EVER.

What about a Kurt Vonnegut book club?  Vonnegut books are great and easy reads and they also happen to be my favorite.  How about one book a month and one meeting at Bar Cento a month (for the locals)?  For the out of towners maybe we could figure out some kind of web something or other broadcast thing?  


Sounds interesting doesn't it?

All I know is that one Sunday afternoon a month we could gather and discuss the late great Mr. Vonnegut's books.  And eat some bad ass food.  Any takers?


If this sounds like something you would be interested in please email me or comment the sh$t out of this post!

I am so dead serious.  And after the Von man we could totally move to a different author say Ayn Rand (my favorite woman author)?

Ooooooo I like it already!