WINGZ: The Experience

The Chef, The Boy, Biggie Smalls, The Godfather, & The Booey


Dear WingZ,

I am not quite sure how we ended up spending an afternoon together but we did.  Your menu and bar were both large and overwhelming and void of any sustenance.  After moments of deliberation of which processed/ or genetically modified food would suffice I decided on the Macho Nachoz.  I look back now and wonder WHY God WHY?

My friend foe WingZ...I must inform you.  Nacho's, spelled with a Z or an S should not come out of a can. Never. Ever.  Nachos are also made with vegetables like lettuce and tomato's.  S or Z aside, they are made up of more than just canned beef and shredded cheese.  Leave it to Uncle M to lead us to the only place in the world that buys their beef canned.  Three days later and oh my!  I'll leave it at that.