The Most Beautiful Girl in the World


Biggie Smalls, no longer small, pulls on my leg like she wants a pony


In honor of my favorite rockstar mom bloggers' impending birth of her baby girl, I am participating in her online co-baby shower that she is sharing with another very cool ma's blogger.  The task at hand for the Mo' Baby Mo' Baby Mo' Baby shower is to write about the early days of mommyhood and babyhood.  A bit of a hard task for this moms as her baby girl will be turning the big ONE YEAR OLD on October 30th however any chance to write about Louisiana's first days is always a welcome one.

The early days of Biggie Smalls life were so different than the early days of Catcher's.  Because she was our second we kind of felt like we had a grasp on the whole parenting thing.  We were obviously drunk....(with excitement of course!)

Biggie came into this world and immediately went for the boob.  Seriously she popped out, the nurse wiped her off, the Chef held her, and the she was given to me.  She looked into my eyes with her big blues and nuzzled into my chest for the boob.  She immediately latched on and began to eat.  I was in shock.  And I think everyone else in the room was as well.  Catcher took almost two days to start nursing and this crazy girl latched on within the first five minutes of her life.  And that was it.  She had declared herself an eater. And eat she did.

My baby girl had fiery red hair (a full head) and a superwoman personality from day one.   She amazed me with every day.  It was easier in those first few months than Catcher had been.  Louisiana was picture perfect. She looked like a doll, she slept all night by month one, and she ate like my boobs could dry up at any second.  She even managed to amuse Catcher, something I had feared would not happen throughout my pregnancy.  She lit up (and still does) the Chef's eyes every time he saw her, and most important, she made us the family we were always meant to be. {insert cheese here}  

My Biggie Smalls is about to be 1 on Devil's Night.  Which is pretty bad ass in itself.  Bad ass birthday for a bad ass chicka.  I can't believe how time flies with the second baby.  Catcher's first year of his life was looooooooong.  Her first year was gone in 5.5 seconds.  Crazy.  C'est La Vie.

Happy Baby Shower Ladies!!