The Bestest in the Restus

Dear Chef,

I must say that this year has been a whirlwind of awesome.  Your career as a Chef is flourishing and you deserve every accolade you get.  You are by far the hard working man I have ever met.  And the fact that your family is makes up your drive is even more impressive.  Congratulations an all of your accolades in the press including the most recent one of Best Chef in the Cleveland Scene Best of Cleveland issue.  You deserve it.

Above all though, conratulations on becoming a man who I and many others have so much respect for.  You inspire the people who surround you to be better people, better employees, better chef, better friends, better wives, better mother, better friends, and better people all around.  Hell take me for example.  I am actually nice now.  Well...for the most part.

You are a best Chef.  You are the Best Chef.  But more importantly you are the best man.  The best father.  The best husband.  The best boss (remember I've seen you in action).   The best friend.  You are however, NOT, the best motorcycle rider driver.  Which is why you don't have a motorcycle.  Obviously.

Love you more,