I Love Paris In The Fall


The Day Before the Dawn: Brunch at the Tremont Tap House, kiddies, Rodenboch, friends.  Doesn't get much better.

Tomorrow we are off to Paris.  And I have promised the Chef that the interwebs will no longer be my best friend.  For seven days.  And I am ok with that.  My carpal tunnel has been rearing it's ugly head as of a late, so I think I will give my poor hands & wrists a break.  Plus I'll need them to lift all the wine glasses that are bound to come my way.

I have asked a few friends, a few I know, a few are inerwebbers, to post in my abode while I am away.  This week I will feature some the most famous bloggers in the entire world universe!  Muuuuwhaaa haa!!!

Enjoy them.  Commentize them.  Love them.  Stalk them.  Make out with them.


Au Revoir

PS Whoever left me that nasty comment about my taste in boots can suck it!