Guest Poster Turned Fangirl Makes Fool of Herself: Film at 11

When the Widow asked me to guest post for her while she was in Paris, I jumped at the chance. I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t want to the keys to this kingdom? You know they have some great food in the fridge. I wonder if there are any Chef-prepared leftovers around here anywhere? And she drinks way better wine than I do. I just hope they don’t lock their liquor cabinet.

Before I go much further, I suppose I should introduce myself. I’m Jill from over at Charming & Delightful. I am a bit of an amateur foodie myself, which is what first drew me to Chef’s Widow -- the chance to live vicariously through someone living a life I can only dream of. You see, I love to cook and I’d love to go to culinary school, but I lack a little something called discipline. And I like to go to bed early, so the life of a chef is not really in the cards for me.

I’m a Sales Widow myself, so I can relate to the Widow’s struggles to raise a family with a husband who’s away from home so often. Plus, the girl is just funny and fabulous. And her kids have ridiculously cool names! What’s not to like?

But I have a confession to make. My first thought upon accepting this great guest posting honor was “How I can work Iron Chef Symon into my post?” Because you know she hangs out with him, don’t ya? And her Chef is often one of his assistants on “Dinner Impossible.” So, you know, he might actually read her blog… in his free time, which I’m sure he has soooo much of.

And, OK, I’m just going to say it. I have a major-league crush on him. He was one of my favorites from the beginning of “The Next Iron Chef,” right up there with Chef Besh (another chef crush of mine, by the way). And seeing him on that show made me want to go to Cleveland and eat at his restaurants. I’ve never been to Cleveland. I don’t really know anyone who lives in Cleveland. Why would someone just go to Cleveland? I have friends from there, but I figured there was a reason they didn’t live there anymore. Everyone I know who’s from Cleveland now lives in Chicago. For real, like half the city of Chicago came from Cleveland or one of the surrounding areas.

But there must be something to it if a fabulously talented chef like Iron Chef Symon (and Chef Sawyer) has set up shop there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a city snob or anything -- one of those people who thinks there’s nothing outside of NY or Chicago. I’m a small-town girl at heart who just happened to move to Chicago for a boy and a job. But my entire experience with Ohio can be summed up in two words: Cincinnati Airport. (Which is actually in Kentucky, so I guess that doesn’t even count as an Ohio experience. Damn!)

But then Chef Symon entered my world via one of my favorite things of all time – The Food Network. He became the Iron Chef and I actually started watching that show because there was finally someone other than Alton Brown on it who interested me. Then he took over on “Dinner Impossible,” another show I had never really watched, and I added that to my Food Network repertoire. Then, I found Chef’s Widow here in bloggy land and found out that she actually knew him, like in real life. Not just from TV. And suddenly I was only Two Degrees of Kevin Bacon away from Iron Chef Michael Symon. Squeeeeeeee!!!

But I didn’t want to write some ridiculous fangirl post about how awesome he is. About how wonderfully creative he is in the kitchen. Or how he can make even chocolate covered bacon sound appealing. Which, I guess now that I think about it… I love bacon. I love chocolate. God, now I love him even more. Pure genius!!

Anyway, now that I’ve gone and embarrassed myself, potentially in front of the Iron Chef himself, I’m just going to go crawl back to my little corner of the world. Thanks, Widow, for letting me relive my most mortifying high school memories. Man, I thought I had gotten over that whole “inappropriate displays of affection” tendency. Guess not! That’s what a sexy bald man in chef’s whites will do to ya!