Autumn Perfection

Hello :) We are Kelly & José -- lovers of food, indie rock, film, all things booze (wine, beer, scotch, sake, et al), and Cleveland. About a month ago, Chef's Widow inspired us with [this post] -- it got us thinking about the perfect zucchini bread recipe. We love cooking together, but aren't the most experienced in "baking," so we were intrigued by something somewhat simple that just so happens to be seasonal. After a little research, we found [this zucchini bread recipe] that seemed to capture a lot of flavors definitive of Autumn while combining a few uniquely delicious elements: chopped almonds, orange zest, and chocolate chips.

Upon browsing the ingredients and instructions, we started salivating immediately, anticipating what we would create. We wasted no time. . .

Per usual, we sipped on wine while doing the prep work -- on this particular evening, we chose a crisp and refreshing White Knight Sauvignon Blanc, conveniently on sale at Heinen's for a mere $6.99. And, while doing this prep work we learned a couple simple yet important things: when grating zucchini, you grate everything, not just the skin (draining any liquid that resulted while doing so) and we forgot that we don't own a sift, which forced us to improvise (ending up mixing/"sifting" flour, salt, baking soda, etc. with our hands). We always try to remind ourselves that even the most experienced cooks run into random obstacles*

After mixing all of the prepped ingredients together and pouring them equally into two separate bread tins, we were pleasantly surprised by how quick and easy the recipe was. We were also surprised how amazing the uncooked mixture was (how could we resist??) -- if it was this good raw, then we could only imagine how good the finished product might be. Although, it still was to be determined whether the outcome would be considered a success. We patiently waited for the bread to bake and then allowing it to cool for about an hour: We are happy to say that the outcome was beyond delicious -- and even better the morning after, the ingredients having the opportunity to meld. Since the recipe makes two loafs, it is perfect to bring to any dinner party or perhaps a nice surprise for your mom (who we are actually bringing the extra loaf over to this evening). Finally: we actually baked something while we were tipsy other than brownies :)

Some lovely tunes: [Mp3] On! Air! Library - Bread [Mp3] Jamay - Autumn Fallin' [Mp3] Isobel Campbell - October's Sky Note: Very special thanks to Paula Dean for providing the fabulous recipe