Jim Morrison is Totally Alive & Living in Haiti

While in Paris I tried my best to shop.  As we were travelling with a group (whose main interests were wine & food) it became evident that I would have to make a break for it.  The boys planned a day of eating and drinking, that they titled 'Research,'  so Madame Baker and I headed off to get lost in Gay Paree.  First stop was that cemetery to see our boy Jim Morrison.  Of course when we got there it started storming and black crows began to follow us.  We couldn't find a map to the biggest (not to mention coolest) cemetery I have ever been in and walked up and down the streets for what seemed like forever.  We finally went back down to the beginning to take pictures on my iPhone of the map and headed back up, soaking wet but with spirits high.

Père Lachaise Cemetery Map from my iPhone

We finally found the man's grave and guess what?  It was surrounded by stoner's (surprised?) and it was hella boring.  And there was no graffiti and no bust of the lizard king.  Lamester.  Morrison's probably laughing his fat ass off.

We left the cemetery, although it didn't feel like that since we had to walk 10 city blocks to get out the the thing.  But we got out.  And we hopped on a bus that said Bastille and glued our eyes to the bus windows as we drove through the inner workings of Paris.  

We arrived at The Bastille about ten minutes later and had no idea what to expect.  We were absolutely starving so we headed to the nearest cafe and sat down.  After some french onion soup. a ham & cheese croquet, and a bottle of red we ventured across the street into this historical building looking courtyard.  It turned out to be a gateway  to fantastic boutique shopping.  Yipee!

The first store we went into was a designer jewelry store.  All of the jewelry was AMAZING and made by artists throughout Paris.  Of course I manage to find the most expensive ring in the entire store.  My heart just about broke as I picked up the 5 carat topaz and silver ring and read the 600 euro price tag.  Girls got a budget you know.  Thank god the Chef & I don't use credit cards or I would have definitely bought it.

We kept on keeping on and eventually I found myself in another jewelry store.  This store was different though.  It was called Metal Pointus and it was all handmade & welded silver jewelry.  Madame Baker  & I spent some time in there and I eventually made my first Parisian purchase:

Imagine my surprise when yesterday I was perusing Cool Mom Picks and saw Metal Pointus featured. Fabulous!

The ring itself is pretty fucking awesome.  And it was very reasonably priced.  Waaaaaay under 600 euro.  So I was happy with myself.  And so was the Chef.  My shopping was complete....for that day.

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