Happy Birthday Biggie Smalls

Louisiana 365 Days Ago

My Little Lula Belle

Today I celebrate your birth.  I cherish each moment, each second, with you, my little Firecracker.  When I see your smiling face every morning I can't help but think that I am MOST DEFINETELY the luckiest mamma in the world.  And then the day that you give me!  Each and every day I get to listen to your sweet voice, I get to hold your tiny hand to help you walk, I get to kiss your chunky Biggie Smalls belly.  Oh the luck.  I must have done something right to be blessed with such a smart and amazing little girl.  The past 365 days of my life have been double the fun and I can't wait for the next 365.  Things are insane sometimes and you are most definitely a CRAZY PANTS but the happiness you bring me is indescribable.  Happy first birthday daughter.  I love you more.


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