POTUS & the Brownies Make Sunday Funday

I must say that yesterday impressed the shit out of me.  I woke up bruised and battered after attending a friend's Halloween Soiree.  Because the party wasd close to my casa I thought it would be brilliant if I rode my bike to the event.  It wasn't and I fell ALOT.  Although I managed to keep eating the pavement, my costume still kicked some rockstar ass:

Red Headed....well you can read can't you?  The Chef was SO PROUD.

The party was a good time and I managed to drink a bottle of 2004 Pinotage all by my lonesome.  I headed home buzzed and on a bike and ran into a tree.  Nice.  My leg's been f'd up since.  

Sunday morning I woke up hella early because I had to finish my book for Vonnegut Book Club (total procrastinator) and I can't sleep anymore as Catcher had decided that he prefers the queen pillowtop to the toddler vinyl.  Can't say I blame the man.  Nonetheless when he hops into our bed sleep time is over for moi.  

The Chef & the kids dropped me off at Borders and I read for two straight hours and came up with some discussion questions.  Good times.  Nothing says fun like three hours of sleep, smelling like wine, and some Vonnegut.  

The Chef came back and we headed to the restaurant.  It was barely noon.  Book club turnout was good but small and turned into a really fun time.  The group we have gets on well and it's always nice to meet new chicks in the communioty.  Plus girls who dig Vonnegut are possibly the coolest chicka's out there...

Sunday's at the restaurant usually bring out the industry however this Sunday was WAY different.  Downtown Cleveland was buzzing with the Browns (game) and the Boss( Springsteen & Barack).  Cento was slammed by 5pm and I was hurting.  By 7pm we had a new influx of customers and they all turned out to be either Obama supporters or volunteers.  It was fantastic.  The crowd was great and everyone was a buzz with excitement over the events that just took place on the Mall in downtown Cleveland:


Barack & Rolling in Cleveland Ohio

The rest of the night turned out to be a think-piece (thanks Almost Famous) of people taking with other people about life in this country.  And it was intelligent and smart and good spirited.  There was no fear, no name calling, and no pretension.  I loved it.  It was inspiring and special to meet so many people who had travelled far and wide in support of their beliefs and in support of a very special man.  Plus it helped that the Chef was kicking ass in the kitchen.  

***A small thank you to all the great people I met last night, it means alot to me that you give uo your time for something so great and so important.  I only wish I could do the same.  A special thanks to AttitudeGrrrl for the fantastic and super close up pics of the next POTUS.