Muckity Muck Muck Muther Mucker

Three fridges.  I have bought three fridges in 24 hours.  Two did not fit (the guy gave me the wrong measurements TWICE) and my final fridge is coming tomorrow. Biggie Smalls is cutting three fucking teeth.  Catcher won't stop saying 'SPD POWER RANGER ORNAGE!' right before he tries to jump kick me.  The Chef is pretending he's sick just because he worked three 17 hour days in a row.   Poor baby... And me, I wanna make out with a vampire, return the fridge, buy some shoes, and go to Epcot.

This day is f'd up.  And I am about to be.

The Chef is putting the kids down, I am drinking my signature Cantillon and then to lala land.  Peace out peeps.


Biggie is still is a sick mess, the Chef is still 'sick', and Catcher has caught a mean case of the whinypants.  Is it too soon to say 'I need a vacation?'  I kid.  Next vacation Biggie & Catcher will be on my side.  And the Chef of course.

Life is crazy but life is good.  The family may be sick but that just means I get to cuddle more with the kiddos and watch Kung Fu Panda all day.  I've got some yerba mate, the prospect of another new writing job (more deets to come) and the excitement of The Greenhouse Tavern being opened very very soon.  

Yippey Kiyaya Yay Mutha Muckers!!!!