The Housing Crisis: Widow Style


Life in the burbs', widow stye

So we live in a burb.  A burb that is far away from downtown.  A burb where women wear white jeans and are condescending bitches when I tell them my son's name.  A burb where I grew up.  Where I went to high school.  Where I met the Chef.  

And we are over it.  I am over it.

 The driving, the lack of friends, the lack of culture, the lack of city.  I am sick of driving by a CVS and then watching a Walgreens get built across the street.  We need to move.

But in this clusterfuck of an economy  there is not a chance in hell that we could sell our house or buy a new one.  So what do we do?  The new restaurant opens in 2 months and the Chef will start all over with 20 hour work days.  I will be working there part time as well which means a 40 minute drive downtown twice a day five days a week.  Not so appealing for this lady.  Prius or no Prius.

So we came up with a plan.  The Chef and I sat down and actually talked about our lack of options.  This is what we came up with:

We finish fixing up our house.  Finish the floors, the cabinets.  We put our house up for rent or for rent to own.  Obviously we consult a lawyer and get an airtight contract drafted for this.  If we find renters we begin to look for a house downtown for us to rent.  We are just not sure where.

We have thought about Ohio City, Tremont, & Cleveland Heights.  I am a fan of the heights although we would have to keep both cars.  Ohio City & Tremont are great 'hoods but I am concerned about the safety factor.  I just know that my kids and I would love to see the Chef able to come home midday to say hi to us. To hang with us for an hour.  And lord knows he is absolutely unable to do that if we continue to live in the burbs.  

Any ideas or experiences with neighborhoods in the CLE you would like to share would be more than appreciated!