My Name is Chef's Widow & I'm a Scotaholic

Rumors of Trainspotting 2 are floating around the Internets starring my very own boyfriend, Mr. Ewan McGregor. Trainspotting was the movie that started my psycho obsession innocent girl crush on the Scotsman.  

These days it may be tough for me to watch a sequel of that great (and horribly terrifying movie).  Having a recovering heroin addict brother pretty much cancels out the ability to watch anything (film, show, etc) drug related.  I only wish he (my brother) had seen it back then.  God knows it made me NEVER want to even think of trying the smack.  Which thankfully I never did.

If TS2 does come out, I think I will have the Chef screen it and then I'll watch it minus the drugs.  Or maybe there will be no drugs and it will just be about how Renton got even hotter as he got older and ended up marrying a girl from America named Amelia...


***A special thanks today for my peeps Liz & Mike.  Dinner was, as always, excellent and the shout out at the food show was rad!  Liz you are one hot mamma!