Widow's Favorite Things

  Chanel Chance Perfume, ummm yeah I smelled this last night when I went to hug another chef's widow goodnight.  It almost knocked me off my feet and I absolutely had to know what her scent was...fingers are crossed for Christmas.

Shoparooni, I met this husband & wife team last night at an event for the 30 most interesting people in Cleveland (the Chef happened to be one:), then today I checked out their store and figured that I should probably never physically enter their store with any type of monies.  It's that cool.

Etsy, I am becoming an etsy addict, got Biggie Smalls Haloween costume and plan on buying many a homemade presents for the holidays.  I also plan on buying this beauty for the Festivus festivities as well.

Girl Talk, My ex-raver ass used to date dj's, wear Jnco jeans, and drive from city to city to go dance in asbestos filled abandon warehouses.  And I did it all for my love of drugs bass.  And I get to relive my glory days now (and not be as embarrassed of my glow stick toting former self) by listening to Girl Talk.  If you like a little mash up of bad ass drum & bass, old skool hip hop, and 90's pop I highly recommend them.  

Mazzy Star's Halah Video, Somehow this video came up on my phone one day when I signed onto YouTube and I was instantly taken back to my days as a flannel wearing, combat boot stomping riot grrrl, as much as a riot grrrl one can be while attending a Catholic school of nuns.  The song is so yummy and I can't stop playing it over and over and over.

Sensory Overload, my new favorite source for la musica.  Every since I had the babes my musical sense has gone to shit.  I don't go to shows and I don't discover new music like I used to pre-kids.  But now I don't have to!  Kelly & Jose do it all for me and make it hella easy.  If you are on the lookout for some new tunes (and or great recipes) check 'em out.  Also send them some congrats on their upcoming nuptials!

The Jimmies, a new kids band I recently discovered.  In the nick of time too.  If I had to listen to Laurie Berkner for one more milisecond there might just have been a hole in my head.  Catcher is also a HUGE fan of the website.

Cool Mom Picks Holiday Gift Guide, as always a Classic staple of my Christmas shopping experience.

Pear Tree Greetings, just got my Christmas cards from PTG and I must say I heart them mucho.  I got these, a sustainable recycled card with photo.  How great are they?  And the price...unheard of.