I Can See Every Monster As They Come In

My poor little man.  Ever since I returned from Gay Paree, CatcherCrazyFace has had a rough time sleeping.  It started with him crashing our bed every night at about 4am and has led to a complete breakdown in our bedtime ritual.  He used to be amazing at bedtime.  We had a schedule and we stuck to it.  We did dinner, then a bath, play time for 20, and finally book time @ 8.  I would read a million and 1 books and he would fall asleep easily and gently by 9.  Those days seem to be gone forever. A frightened and anxiety ridden boy has replaced him.

Each night is now a battle and a fright fest.  First there is the screaming and kicking and crying.  Then I calm him down and read to him.  He senses my preparation to leave his bedroom and flips the fuck out.  The screaming and kicking and crying begin again.  I leave because I have to.  But then just as the crying fades and I think my baby boy is sleeping sound he starts to scream.  'There are monsters in my room mama, MONSTERS!''  I hear the dread in his sweet voice and head back to his room.  I tell him it's ok and hand him his light saber.  (Monsters are scared of light sabers, in fact they can't even enter a room if a light saber is in one)  He sniffles and cries a little bit more.  And then he pulls me in for a hug and kiss and tells me he loves me.  And my day is done.

A few hours later I find him sleeping soundly.  Not in his bed.  But not in mine either ;)

Again and again thru the tantrums, and the thru insanity I find myself more in love with this boy each moment of each day.