Green Turkey


Ed & Jonathon Believe in Green

About a month ago I had a free moment to peruse the interwebs.  I found myself at a website called Change Happens in Degrees.  I started to check it out when something on the site caught my eye.  Everyone's favorite environmentalist Ed Begley Jr. was coming to Cleveland.  If you don't know who Ed is, you should head over to Planet Green and check out his show Living With Ed.  It is a great take on how to be green simply, effectively, and humorously.  I dig it.


Ed was collaborating with CHID and going on a bike tour through the Midwest promoting the green lifestyle, energy efficiency, and talking with local governments, business, and citizens.  There was also a contest.  The contest was to write an essay about how your family saves energy.  If your essay was picked,  Ed would have Thanksgiving dinner at your house.  I decided right then to enter although I had absolutely no desire to win.  The Widow family & the Chef family are a bit crazy and the holidays tend to bring out the insanity.  So having a TV crew and a celebrity at Thanksgiving dinner did not seem so opportune.

I did however think that even if I lost (fingers crossed) I could mention the new restaurant.  I could even invite them in for a tour.  And that is precisely what I did.

About a week before T-Give the producers contacted me by email and said that they would love to do a meet & greet with the Change Happens crew, Ed Begley Jr., and the Greenhouse Tavern Team.  Schwing!

Thanksgiving morning we bundled up (it was cold as all hell) dropped Biggie Smalls off at the g-parents, and headed downtown with Catcher in tow.    Ed & friends arrived and we took them on a tour of the space.  The restaurant is still in construction big time but we were able to go all the way up to the roof and film. 

I am not sure if we will end up on his show.  They filmed a lot and the Chef and the entire team really pulled off a good time.  Plus it was so great to meet someone who is so in tune with what we are trying to do.  We have really been blessed with the experiences that we have been having while opening the Chef's restaurant. It is a stressful ride and sometimes it is tough to see a finish line but the experience like the one we had with Ed on Thanksgiving backups all of the hard work, money, & time that everyone has invested.  Go green!