Bakugun is not Religious

The holiday season is upon us.  TV has turned into a giant toy commercial.  Walmart is a war zone.  And all my son can talk about is this weird ass card game that I have never heard of.  Tis the season. In trying to spread education and respect for all I am putting forth my best effort to teach my kids about all holidays that occur in the next month.  Let me tell you, it has NOT been a cake walk.

I have been taking books and books and books out of the library all year round that focus on different cultures, celebrations, and peoples.  Now that holiday season is here I have made a serious effort (we're talking 3 times a week library trips) to find the perfect books to inspire, educate, enlighten, and heighten interest in the boy.  So far I have had no luck.  The Hanukkah books are D-R-Y.  I'm not Jewish so I don't really know the staple books.  But I know they can't all be super boring.  It's the festival of lights man!  The Kwanza books are ok, at least the ones I found, but I am renting them from a library in a town with a population of 20 African-Americans.  Probably not 20, but not 20,000 either.  The selection is slim.  And the winter solcitice books, NON EXSISTENT.  I've got Christmas covered, I think.  We usually do The Night Before Christmas & follow up with The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Although I don't really have any books that explain the whole Jesus thing in a fun non boring & dry way.  I guess I'm not covered.


I have decided to buy a holiday collection for our library (built of wine boxes) but I desperately need your help.  Any suggestions pertaining to ALL holidays, cultures, astrological will be considered and appreciated!


***The first five readers to suggest a GREAT HOLIDAY BOOK will receive from me (and the Cuyahoga County Public Library) the award winning & beautiful illustrated Great Books For Kids 2008 book.  Just make sure to leave me your email.  Peace & War.