I Don't Do It For The Dolla Dolla Bill Y'all

  Today I found my son licking my car.  He went on to tell me his belly was too full of raindrops.  Whaaaat!?

The Chef is on his last week at the restaurant and although I am excited for The Greenhouse Tavern, I am a bit sad to leave Bar Cento behind.

This blog is NOT a moneymaker.  I have the ads.  I don't make the dough.  So I have started reviewing which means free shit for me and free shit for you.  Check out my most recent review of some rock & rollin' baby shoes and sign up to win a pair of your own!

If you are in the Cleve on xmas and hate dislike have no one need to get away from your family or you just wanna drink some cocktails with me then come visit the Chef & I on his last night at Bar Cento.  We will be rocking the casbah till the early dawn.

Vonnegut Book Club memba's- new info up HERE

If you are looking to buy some sweet shoes cheap or some kick ass baby gear go here, I am trying to unload some of my crap.

That's it my friends.  More awesomeness tomorrow.

Peace & War

PS: Did anyone happen to catch this video of awesome on the nightly news?  If the shoe fits....then throw it!~