The Kurt Vonnegut Book Club is changing locations for this Sunday's meeting.  More information here. The Chef's Widow Network is growing large and fast.  We are now at 40 members and would love to have more~  Check it ouuuuuuut.

The Chef got named one of Cleveland's 30 Most Interesting People.  A very cool honor for him because it's so true!  That man is by far the most interesting person I have ever know beside my children and my grandmother.

I would also like to send my own personal thank you Cleveland Magazine not only for naming the Chef but for also including me in their Hot Blogs section of the January issue.  Awesomer (Catcher's new word of the second)!!!

I am also going to start doing more freelance including my About.com columns since the Chef is now unemployed.  Anyone with any leads or ideas of how to start email me puhlease!  

The Cleveland Playhouse Square is offering FREE ADMISSION to their International Performing Arts for Youth Showcase.  The conference includes many plays, musicals, and events that are all free to kids and families.  I personally just confirmed tickets for 4 for the Dream Jam Band concert.

Congrats to Hope for winning the adorable pair of Stride Rite shoes!

Congrats to JP & Sarah Sullivan on your wedding and marriage!  We had a groovy time in Michigan.  Especially when we got detoured in the hood and all the traffic lights were out.  But that's another story...