I Love Louisiana, the person not the state!


Each moment: A new lifetime

My daughter breaks my blackened heart every nanosecond of my life.  She is astonishingly beautiful.  I can't stop staring at her sometimes...

Since she started walking a few weeks back she has turned into this powerhouse of a girl pushing her brother out of the way, stealing his toys and leaving a trail of dust in her wake.  She is hardcore awesomer.  She is a riot grrrrl and it's not even 1993.  Her quirky hilarious personality lights up my day and also makes it quite interesting.  There is never a dull moment, there is never a second of silence, we never sit ever.  And I like it like that,  I like listening to her ba ba ba ba ba'sna's, grrr's, and ooooooooooo's.  She is expressive and reacts to everything like she just came sliding out of the birthing canal minus the goo and screaming.  It is always new and exciting for her and although I fear the day that excitement leaves her eyes and mouth I know that it will still be there.  Because that is who she is.  And always will be. That light behind her eyes will shine forever.

I love my Louisiana.