Fine in 09

Let's start '09 off right.  Shall we? This past holiday season, which is now thankfully packed tightly away in boxes that live in my attic, I came across what would soon turn into my favorite local boutique.  I (and my checkbook) discovered Room Service, a very sophistimicated and super smart shop in the Detroit Shoreway.   

Say that three times.

At a book club meeting, the conversation drifted away from Vonnegut and this lovely lady ended up talking about her friend's store in the shoreway.  Book club ended early that day and I snuck out of the restaurant to take a peek.  That peek turned into a month long obsession that still hasn't quit.  

Room Service reminds me of Paris.  Especially the Ile St. Louis area.  The store is welcoming, walking in from the shoreway. The eclectic array of items is...magnificent!  Danielle also likes to focus on local producers something the Widow family certainly stands behind.  I am personally now rocking Defend Cleveland fingerless winter gloves.  And they rock.

Biggie Smalls rocks her new Christmas cap

As a token of my appreciation wonderment that anyone actually reads my little 'ole blog I would like to give away a gift certificate to Room Service.  This gift certificate, graciously donated to Chef's Widow by Danielle, is good for in store purchase as well as online (for my peeps not in the Cleve).  But if you are in the C.L.E you should definitely check out the store on the shore.  Make a day of it.  Get some coffee at Gypsy Bean, have a snack at Luxe, and then get yer shop on!

All you need to do to win is let me know what you DON'T want to change about yourself in '09.  ABSOLUTELY NO RESOLUTIONS!!!.  Tell me what you like about yourself.  NO, tell me what you absolutely LOVE about yourself. Don't be shy.  A little self love never killed anyone.  

Winner will be announced a week from today, January 12th, 2009.


Bonne Chance.


***A super big mess of Potato kisses go out to Cleveland Magazine for naming Chef's Widow a HOT BLOG!***