Conversations w/ Catcher (& Lou)

In the car this morning: CW: "Hey Catcher show Louisiana your nose."

Catcher: "Sister this is my nose." Points to his nose.

Louisiana points to her nose.

CW: "Show her your eyes."

Catcher: Points to eyes. "Eyes."

Louisiana points to her eyes.

CW: Show her your mouth."

Catcher points to his mouth.  Louisiana points to her mouth.

CW: What's inside your mouth Catcher?"

Catcher: "Teeth mommy." Pointing to his teeth.

Louisiana points to her nose.  Then she sticks her finger up it.

Catcher: "What's in your nose Weeziana?  Boogers are in your nose!!!!!!"  Catcher maniacially laughs and then sticks his finger in his nose.  He then proceeds to pull one out and show his sister.  Louisiana follows suit and begins scream laughing (the most pleasant sound ever) still with her little finger up her nose.

Happy morning to me.