I Love Me. No, I Love You. Nope Me Again. No You.

Enough of the sad.  Let's get happy again! And what better way to get happy then to nominate your favorite blogs  Chef's Widow (for the best kept secret blog) for the 2009 The Bloggies!  

I am absolutely a self promoting shameless punk.  

But really it's all in good fun.  Plus I love to get my vote on for some of my faves:

Charming & Delightful

Classy Chaos


Sensory Overload

The Cage Free Tomato

Girls Gone Child


Life on Mars

Making It Lovely

Her Bad Mother

I'm Quietly Judging You

The Superficial-Because You're Ugly

Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of Your Boyfriend

Starting Over at 24

Room Service

The Art of the Pig 

It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Blogging

Canadian PreTzel

Backpacking Dad


Voting ends Monday January 12th~

***For those of you who wrote me emails and left comments regarding yesterday's post,   I would like to say thank you.  If it were possible I would also like to give you a giant bear hug and three kisses on your nose. Your words and stories moved me greatly.  Thank you for sharing your secrets and sadness.  Knowing that so many people have gone or are going through what my family has been going through for the past 4 years gives me a grasp of hope.  Thank you lovelies.